Hotel le manoir - Restaurant la Table du Manoir à Mornas en provence

Our menus Citadelle & Rhône as well as holiday menus can be ordered for take-away


At the occasion of our new spring carte, we gladly invite you to come and taste our dishes not only to spoil yourself but also to take cake of your health.

We have elaborated a range of dishes which fit gluten intolerant people as well as any other person. We even have a very tasty burger that will stun you.

We use various kinds of flour : rice, chestnut, mais, chickpeas and others. We also have on the menu some gluten free pasta.

Be curious and come to taste our new dishes !

In the Chef’s Basket

Where the cornucopia of the market meets Yves’ inspiration

The Starter of the moment

The current main Dish – 15 €

The sweet moment

Starter + Main Dish or Main Dish + Dessert or Starter + Dessert

18.00 €

every noon from Wednesday to Friday except holidays

Starter + Main Dish + Dessert

23.00 €

Daily from Tuesday evening to Saturday noon except holidays

Net Prices

Additional cuttlery 5 €

Menu Rhône



Duck Foie-Gras

Fried Scallops with Chanterelles sauce

Beef Tenderloin on a Rhone’s Stone

Cheese Trilogy

Dessert chosen on the card


Net Price

Menu Citadelle

Our gluten free dishes are written in green

To start…..

Our homemade duck Foie Gras  (supplement 5€)

The famous ravioles 

Taboulé of cauliflower with homemade Gravelax Salmon


… continue…..

Saltimbocca of Monkfisch, Sauce Noilly Prat, Pasta

Duck Magret with Morel Sauce, sidedish of the moment

Piece of lamb, sauce of the moment, Hasselback potatoe

…..To finish

assorted cheese plate

Orange Tart à la façon d’Yves

Chocolate parfait

Dacquoise on Passion fruit cream with lemon jelly


Starter + Main Course + Cheese or Dessert

33.00 €

Starter + Main Course + Cheese or Dessert

                                 39.00 €                                

Net Prices


A la Carte

To start…. 


Our homemade duck  Foie Gras and brioche                                          22 €

The famous Ravioles                                                                                      16 €

Taboulé of cauliflower with Gravelax saumon                                          21 €

Seasonal Omelette                                                                                        16 €

Burger Manoir style : Black Angus beef hash between 2 slices of

sweet potatoe                                                                                                 19 €


….. to continue….

Monkfisch Saltimbocca Sauce Noilly Prat, Pasta                                         23 €

Duck Magret Morel Sauce, Sidedishes of the moment                              22 €

Piece of lamb, sauce of the moment, Hasselback potatoe                       21 €

Boeuf : entrecôte grillée, accompagnement du moment                          23 €

Brochette de St Jacques à la truffe d’été                                                       29 €

…. to finish

L’Assiette de Fromages Assortie                                                                    8 €

Orange Tart à la façon d’Yves                                                                        9 €

Chocolate parfait                                                                                              9 €

Dacquoise on Passion fruit cream with lemon jelly                                    9 €

Café Gourmand       (not for menu)                                                                11 €   


Kid’s Menu up to 10 years old                                                                   

Starter-Main Dish-Dessert (ravioles, fish or meat, Ice cream)                 15 €

or 2 dishes for                                                                                                  10 €

Additional Cutlery                                                                                          5 €